EKGH Airfield information


  • If you arrive to EKGH from a non-EU country (Norway or Switzerland) you MUST call the Danish customs authority (Toldstyrelsen) at +45 72371140 at least 0,5 hour before landing.
  • If you arrive from a non-Schengen country (UK or Romania), you must call danish Police and report your arrival at least 0,5 hour before landing at +45 48261448.

Grønholt Flyveplads: EKGH
Location: N 55° 56.4' E 12° 22.9' - 2,4 NM south of Fredensborg Castle
Magnetic Variation: 1.5°E
Elevation: 97 ft

Grønholt radio: 122.500
Landing light is automatically turned on when activating a carrier wave for more than 10 seconds.

Opening hours
07:00 - 22:00 (local time).
Outside these hours the airfield is not open for landings.

Runways: 11-29
Dimensions: 3281 feet x 59 feet (1004 m x 18 m)

Runway 11
Runway 11 - course app. 106°
Runway 11 (106.0°M)
TDZE 97' (Touch Down Zone Elevation)
Lights: Runway threshold lights, Runway end lights og Runway edge lights.
TORA: 2.296 ft (700 meter)
LDA: 2.822 ft (850 meter)

Runway 29
Runway 29 - course app. 286°
Runway 29 (286.0°M)
TDZE 97' (Touch Down Zone Elevation)
Lights: Runway threshold lights, Runway end lights og Runway edge lights.
TORA: 2.789 ft (850 meter)
LDA: 2.296 ft (690 meter)

Runway lights

All lights are turned on by holding down the transmit button on your radio for more than 10 seconds at frequency 122.500.
The runway lights will initialy blink and turn on - both during day and night - when you are transmitting your intentions on Grønholt Radio. This is to warn people and vehicles on ground which may be crossing the runway.
NOTE!! Runway lights are turned on for about 4 minutes a time. You can reset the timer by retransmitting at the frequency. Landing light will again blink to confirm your action.

Approach briefing

Grønholt airfield is placed under heavy environmental restrictions. To limit the noice problems for our neighbors the following approach procedures should be followed. In general we always recommend to fly long finals as shown on the maps below.

Always remember to enter your starts- and landings in our journal. It can be found in the "phonebooth" marked "C".

Parking information
It is possible to park at the apron i the areas marked P1 and P2. P3 may not be used without written permission

We recommend, that you park as far south in P1 as possible. It is crucial that you do not use P2, if P1 is not completely full. We have aircraft with wide wingspan that crosses the apron in front of P2, which may be impossible of aircraft is parked at P2.

No parking at the fuel apron.

Overnight parking is invoiced with a fixed amount, which can be found at our pricelist.
Price depends on whether you need hangered parking or parking on the apron.


  • Never fly across the airfield in less than altitude 1.500 feet (1.400 AGL). EKGH is placed in uncontrolled airspace up to 2.500 feet.
  • Use Roskilde ATIS 123.800 in advance. The mentioned wind usually applies to EKGH as well.
  • Always take a good look at the wind sock to the left of runway 11. If the wind is not as expected you may overshoot and make a new approach at the opposite runway. Always state your intensions at Grønholt Radio 122.500
  • Touch-and-Go's are not permitted at Grønholt
  • Taxiways parallel to the runways are NOT usable. Backtrack the runway and use the main taxiway to reach the south apron near the tower.
  • Approaches at night are very difficult due the forest and trees in both ends of the runway.