Prices and payment

Monday-Friday 09.00-18.00 LT Weekends 07.00-22.00 LT,
Monday-Friday 07.00-09.00 LT and 18.00-22.00 LT,
Single engine piston, plane SEP(A), MTOM: until 1.170 kg 150 DKK 300 DKK
Single engine piston, plane SEP(A),
MTOM: 1.171 – 1.650 kg
300 DKK 500 DKK
Single engine piston, plane SEP(A),
MTOM: over 1.650 kg
og alle Multi engine piston MEP(A)
500 DKK 1,000 DKK
Turbine plane and helicopters 1,500 DKK 2,500 DKK

All times of day are shown in local time.

Arriving without PPR or failing to fill in the mandatory electronic logbook, we charge you an additional fee of DKK 1,000 per incident.

Overnight parking

Planes and helicopters can stay by arrangement. It costs 50,00 DKK per night
There will usually be offered overnight parking in the hangar for small planes. Price for the first night: 900 DKK, following nights: 250 DKK per night. Please request hangar parking by email, if you wish to use this option.


We only accept payment by wire transfer according to invoice. You will automatically receive an invoice issued on the basis of the PPR request submitted.

If you do not need to use your PPR anyway, it is important that you cancel your PPR by sending an email to no later than same day as scheduled arrival. In your cancellation email please specify PPR approval number and that the flight is canceled.

If PPR is not canceled in accordance with the mentioned rules the amount will be charged.

Cash payment

You can no longer pay by cash.