Startup briefing

Please use the following procedures when leaving Grønholt - in that way we keep our neighbours happy

  • Please do your run-up procedure at the area near the fuel station.
  • Remember to transmit your intentions to 122.500.
  • Taxi to runway in use after stating your intentions.
  • Never do your run-up / warm up procedure on the runway.
  • When airborne please follow the appropriate exit ways until you are at least 1.500 feet AGL.
  • When departing from runway 29 please make a slight right turn and follow a track of 300 degrees to stay clear of Hillerød.
  • Before leaving Gronholt, always remember to register your landing and departure times in the journal, which can be reached via the internet according to the PPR approval email you have received. If for some reason you are unable to register electronically you may not land at EKGH.



Fuel is available by appointment only - an only by cash payment, as we do not have credit card machines. You are always welcome to contact us for an appointment either by email or by phone, but do not expect us to be available at all times as we are all volunteers.

Non-EKGH AVGAS customers

For aircrafts not stationed at Grønholt, which would like take advantage of AVGAS availability (repeatedly) at EKGH, you may request to become a registered AVGAS member. It is a requirement, that you are a member of Grønholt Aviation Club. In that case you can be registered for buying AVGAS at our fuel station.