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The prices mentioned below are just for guidance and are not updated regularly. Please check with the taxi company on what to expect.

Taxi Weekdays during the day Nights and weekends
To Gronholt Station (which you should not rely on, unless you are familiar with it) DKK 65,- DKK 85,-
To Hillerod station DKK 134,- DKK 172,-
To center of Copenhagen DKK 548,- DKK 694,-


From Gronholt Airfield to Copenhagen.

Take a taxi or walk from Gronholt Airfield to Gronholt Station (which is really not a station, but looks more like a busstop with tracks!) and take the train (called 'Lille Nord') one stop to Hillerod Station. From Hillerod Station you can take the "S-Tog" to Copenhagen (takes approx. 30-35 minutes).

The walk from Gronholt Airfield to Gronholt Station will take 10-15 minutes if you are keep up the speed.